Friday, March 19, 2010

Boudoir Chronicles

New Editorial, "Boudoir Chronicles" by Keith Major and Llewellyn Jenkins staring Olga Smirnova and Kendal Kinslow.

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Wholesome Hunk

Growing up not too far from New York, is former Connecticut resident Tashon Hairston. Tashon who never thought about modeling, seemed to be totally oblivious of his good looks until he got enough coaxing from an aspiring female model, urging that it was something he should seriously pursue. After submitting a few polaroids to Identities, well the rest now history. Meek in manor, this Clark Kent turns in to Superman in front of the camera as well as on the runway. A lean chiseled body highlighted with an electric smile, this quite calm sea energy call Tashon Hairston is beginning to make waves. (check out his recent editorials)

Bleu Magazine

UnVogue Magazine

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Hailing from the same state of the King, (the King of Pop that is, Michael Jackson) comes the King of Editorial Aerol Lenard. Indiana born Aerol Lenard is a beautiful black masterpiece of editorial art. With his tall, toned, slender, slightly over 6'2 frame, and a face that strongly resembles 90's sexy supermodel Vladimir McCrary, Aerol is comprised of a lot of amazing elements. Just receiving his thumb print in the Identities camp, at the end of this last show season. Aerol was still able to walk away with a couple of shows under his belt. (Telfar and Moncler etc.) Currently just completing his first New York editorial with super photographer Keith Major and super stylist Llewellyn Jenkins, Aerol Lenard is a new rocket just launched in the fashion watch the ride.

Photo: Daniel Kevin

Photo: Keith Major
Styled by: Llewellyn Jenkins

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Lawrence Annunziata (nicknamed Law) is one of the most beautiful men who have ever graced the fashion industry. Not even with a micro scope would you be able to find a flaw on his flawless face. In a career that spans three years working with the Elite of clients such as Dah-len, Richard Phibs, Patricia Field, Escada, Sean John, Jeremy Scott, Paper Magazine etc. Lawrence has just inhaled his second wind in fashion industry. With a new look and new body, Lawrence had been rediscovered all over again by editorial clients and designers alike. (See the 2010 collection show pics below)
Because of the inconsistency of the fashion industry, pertaining to black models (particularity black men), Lawrence was a bit of a silent gun. Now with a new look and a new hot buzz on him in the industry, the rebirth of Lawrence Annunziata has him looking
better than ever and has him even more in demand. Pretty soon we predict that all the industry will see, that there is no one above the LAW.